License Renewal

DO NOT use this option unless you have been instructed by your professor and you are in a second class using the Media Flight Plan software. Continuing without direction from your professor may prevent you from using Media Flight Plan in the future.

Click here for the student instruction sheet. If you have been instructed by your professor to do so, click here to begin renewal.

Technical Problems

If you have a technical problem, contact us using the form below. The support desk cannot help you with "How do I do this in Media Flight Plan" type questions. The support desk only responds to technical access and functionality issues. Check the tutorial in your workbook for instructions on how to use the software.

Contact Us



The administrators and programmers for this web site do not provide assistance with class related items such as homework, exercises, media questions, or "how to" etc. These need to be directed to your professor. You can also look in the Student Aids section of the website (In Ground School), or check the tutorial, found in Ground School, for assistance with the MFP program. There is no one at the addresses below to answer these questions; assignment or exercise questions sent to them will not be answered.

Orders, Adoptions, and Information

If you are a professor looking for information or interested in adopting MFP at your university, please contact us at . This address does not respond to student inquiries.